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1Townsville Flames W1615011471:114332846
2Ipswich W1513021276:107120541
3South West Metro W1512031244:96028439
4Sunshine Coast Phoenix W1512031268:112913939
5Rockhampton W1610061376:124912736
6Mackay W169071218:11972134
7Southern Districts Spartans W1310031130:94918133
8North Gold Coast Seahawks W168081202:11643832
9USC Rip City W167091189:1254-6530
10Cairns W1660101186:1239-5328
11Logan W1650111176:1207-3126
12Brisbane Capitals W1550101025:1067-4225
13Gold Coast Rollers W1520131026:1203-17719
14Gladstone W1510141164:1421-25717
15Toowoomba W150015780:1478-69815
1Townsville Flames W7601614:45715719
2Ipswich W9702765:65810723
3South West Metro W9702741:57316823
4Sunshine Coast Phoenix W9801781:6938825
5Rockhampton W7502613:50910417
6Mackay W7502560:4887217
7Southern Districts Spartans W6501496:4168016
8North Gold Coast Seahawks W8305544:572-2814
9USC Rip City W8503570:572-218
10Cairns W7304567:601-3413
11Logan W8206607:660-5312
12Brisbane Capitals W9207608:659-5113
13Gold Coast Rollers W6105408:486-788
14Gladstone W6105544:601-578
15Toowoomba W9009478:890-4129
1Townsville Flames W9900857:68617127
2Ipswich W6600511:4139818
3South West Metro W6501503:38711616
4Sunshine Coast Phoenix W6402487:4365114
5Rockhampton W9504763:7402319
6Mackay W9405658:709-5117
7Southern Districts Spartans W7502634:53310117
8North Gold Coast Seahawks W8503658:5926618
9USC Rip City W8206619:682-6312
10Cairns W9306619:638-1915
11Logan W8305569:5472214
12Brisbane Capitals W6303417:408912
13Gold Coast Rollers W9108618:717-9911
14Gladstone W9009620:820-2009
15Toowoomba W6006302:588-2866


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