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1Edsbyns IF FF440014:11312
2Delsbo IF431010:5510
3Bollnäs Kurd IF321012:397
4Ilsbo SK42116:517
5Hällbo IF42118:9-17
6Forsa IF42028:446
7Strands IF42026:516
8Bergsjö IF41217:8-15
9Hudiksvalls SK41036:10-43
10Näsvikens IK40135:13-81
11Kilafors IF40136:19-131
12Järvsö BK30031:7-60
1Edsbyns IF FF22007:076
2Delsbo IF11002:023
3Bollnäs Kurd IF211010:374
4Ilsbo SK11003:123
5Hällbo IF32106:427
6Forsa IF21013:213
7Strands IF31025:503
8Bergsjö IF31115:6-14
9Hudiksvalls SK21015:413
10Näsvikens IK10011:5-40
11Kilafors IF20113:8-51
12Järvsö BK10010:1-10
1Edsbyns IF FF22007:166
2Delsbo IF32108:537
3Bollnäs Kurd IF11002:023
4Ilsbo SK31113:4-14
5Hällbo IF10012:5-30
6Forsa IF21015:233
7Strands IF11001:013
8Bergsjö IF10102:201
9Hudiksvalls SK20021:6-50
10Näsvikens IK30124:8-41
11Kilafors IF20023:11-80
12Järvsö BK20021:6-50


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